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Why Use an Email Contact Form?

To facilitate contact on the web, without exposing you to spam.

Any time you put your email address on a web page, a blog, a forum, or anywhere else where it can be seen by the World Wide Web, you're generating spam for yourself. Web crawlers are climbing all over the internet, searching for such addresses and adding them to their spam lists.

Some people try to hide their addresses from the crawlers by inserting _nospam_, _dot_com_, etc. in the address, making it more difficult for the machines - but only slightly. Common regular expression techniques can easily harvest these addresses.

Using our forms solves this problem. Instead of placing an email address on your web page or forum message, you place a link. This link leads to a form, from which they can email you, exchange addresses, whatever - without your email address ever appearing to the public.

Your identity is referenced by a unique ID, which you must register beforehand. At that time, you also register the email address to which your mail should be forwarded, and a password by which you can change your settings in the future.

And Finally: we would never sell your address or provide it to anyone for any reason short of a subpoena. We're here to stop spam, not to help it.

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